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                Eylure Volume Multipack Lashes 101

                Eylure Volume Strip Lashes 101 Black Multipack (3 Pairs) is a pack of high-quality, handmade lashes designed to open up the eyes. Full bodied and just the right length, these lightweight falsies are great for easy daytime wear. Perfect for first-timers, these evenly distributed lashes will blend beautifully with your own, creating a natural-looking effect. High-quality, easy to apply and...

                Eylure Volume Starter Kit 101 Lashes

                Enhance your lashes with Starter Kit No. 101 from Eylure Lashes. Created for a natural look, the blunt edge adds volume and fullness to even the shortest lashes.  Ideal for beginners, the starter kit comes with a selection of tools for perfect application. The kit includes a silicone, tipped lash applicator, orange sticks for tweaking lash position and adding seperation...

                Eylure Lash Pro Individual Lashes Duos & Trios

                Eylure Lash Pro Individual Lashes Duos & Trios Black is a pack of lightweight, handmade lashes in clusters of two and three flares, perfect for seasoned lash users who want completely customise their look. Short and medium lengths included. High-quality, easy to apply and will remain in place for as long as you need. Adhesive and remover included. Suitable for...

                Eylure Luxe 3D Tiffany Lashes

                Introducing Tiffany our new statement lashes. A silky soft mink style lash with a delicate full coverage right o the corner. These lightweight lashes are handmade and is re-usable for us to 10 wears, every lash pack comes with our latex free lash glue hat is guaranteed to last up to 18 hours.

                Eylure Volume Multipack Lashes 100

                The Volume No.100 contain is a classic, fully laden style lash that creates an ample, regular lash look. The Volume No.100 multi pack contains three pairs of your favourite style of lashes, two Lashfix adhesives and an instruction booklet. With a natural feel, the lashes contour the eye perfectly and are long lasting and reusable.

                Eylure Taking Shape Brow Stencils

                Eylure Brow Stencils are pre-shaped arches that can be used for the precise shaping of brows. These brow stencils are easy to use, and they offer the ideal style for everyone. Remove the guesswork from your brows and try Eylure Brow Stencils now - you won't be disappointed.

                Eylure Dramatic 3D Lashes 196

                Eylure Dramatic 3D Lashes in style 196 offer light strands of hair that fan out to create a gorgeous full and feathery finish. The criss-cross multi-layered lash hairs bring together a striking lash that will turn heads wherever you go. Easy to apply and reusable up to five times if removed and cared for correctly.

                Eylure Lash Tint Permanent Tint For Lashes

                Eylure Lash Tint Permanent Tint For Lashes A brand new innovation from Eylure. Pro- Lash new silver nitrate dylash is a new generation of colors especially developed for lashes. The longest lasting Silver Nitrate lash dye is a no mixing formula. Simply apply the color, and then apply the developer.

                Eylure Pro Magnetic Volume Lashes Kit

                Achieve an enviable flutter with the Eylure Pro Magnetic Kit – Volume.  The faux mink lashes are lightweight and fluttery, featuring a fluffy, doe-eyed effect that is destined to make even Bambi jealous. The innovative ProMagnetic eyeliner makes application quick and easy, eliminating the need for glue and mess. Suitable to be used up to 15 times, the cleverly-designed kit is...